Jack Orchulli, Former CEO of Michael Kors

“I’ve had an ongoing dialogue with Chuck Catania… I have found his professional advice to be well-informed and helpful for my decision-making. Additionally, Chuck has the capability to communicate a strategic overview of the political arena.”

Cheri Pierson Yecke, Secretary of Education (Virginia & Minnesota)

“What happens when you take a mind that is sharp and inquisitive, add a work ethic that is second to none, mix in a good measure of plain old common sense, and then top it off with a superlative level of self-discipline? You get Chuck Catania… easily underestimated at first, his humble demeanor hides an intellectual powerhouse… In all situations, Mr. Catania is a person of integrity.”

Lauren Thierry, Former CNN & CNBC Financial News Anchor

“Chuck Catania doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘No.’ Chuck ALWAYS finds a way to accomplish a mission. I worked with Chuck to bring GPS-enabled clothing to special needs school children in CT. He came up with a brilliant strategy to join government and private enterprise in on the action. His vast rolodex and persuasive style made everybody want to get on board. Being new to Connecticut, I simply could not have opened as many doors and made as many relevant contacts without him. A true pro and a pleasure to work with!”

Vicki Roberts, Celebrity Attorney & TV Personality

“Chuck is incredible. He went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my business needs and accomplished the task in a timely and professional manner. He was always available to communicate. He is truly a super star in his field!”

Tania Boughton, Founder of Texas-Based Non-Profit: Check the Light

“We hired Charles to write a fast turnaround press release, announcing a large partnership. Not only was the release timely and effective, the publicity led to a new relationship with the American Heart Association, which is now flourishing into a national campaign. Charles is an expert in his field with the highest integrity, you will not be disappointed.”

Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus Global

“Chuck is a talented writer and a creative thinker. He is conscientious, meticulous, and works well with a broad range. He recently crafted a very important letter for my company that was addressed to the CEO of a [F]ortune 50 company. He has worked with us on multiple other projects and he has exceeded my high expectations each time… Recommended without hesitation.”

Ben Levitan, National Telecom & Wiretap Expert with 30+ Patents

“I initially hired Chuck to develop a press release related to my services. I’ve hired numerous firms in the past to do the same and Chuck is the first person or firm I’ve ever hired a second time. He’s quick to understand my issues and ask about my PR goals. The release was very well written (my top criteria), and right on target. He needed minimal guidance. The results beat all other efforts I’ve tried. I found my release published numerous times in appropriate papers and further was called for several media interviews. Social media is new to me, but my Twitter following increased substantially as did visits to my website. I credit Chuck’s understanding of this type of PR for the success.”

Tony Diamantidis, Executive Vice President of SFS Chemical Safety

“Chuck promised to help me improve my LinkedIn profile and overall presence of myself and my company. He delivered more than he promised in a timely and responsible way, and coached me along the way on how to use LinkedIn most effectively. He even made an introduction for me to a person that can be a valuable business connection. I recommend him to everyone who wants to get more out of social media marketing, especially LinkedIn.”

Raul Pendas, Enrolled Agent & Former IRS Appeals Officer

“I receive an excellent product and service from Mr. Catania. I would recommend that if you need some to write your profile or review your resume you should hire Chuck.”

Jim Carr, Former Member of the National Security Education Board

“Charles is a first class individual whom I hold in high regard. He is bright, articulate and has good values.”

David Meeks, AR State Representative & Former Congressional Candidate (AR-1 )

“Charles is a hard worker who would be an asset to an organization… I offer my recommendation of Charles Catania.”

Vic Allgeier, CEO of TTC Group

“We worked with Chuck on some last minute press releases and he exceeded our expectations in every way. We will most definitely use him again for other projects.”

Crisantos Hajibrahim, CEO of gUnify (Acquired by Vonage)

“Fantastic and easy writer to work with. Thank you Charles.”

Greta Babarskaite, Hansab

“I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and professionally Charles could write an excellent brand story. I immediately recommended him to my colleagues and now he is helping us write content for our new website. Highly recommended!”

Pat Johnson, Worcester Fire Department Credit Union

“[G]reat communication and copy, will continue to use for future copy needs as was the only person to do the job right!”

Phalakone Mysay, Oracle

“Charles was meticulous contractor who helped me write a great summary profile on my Linkedin. I would recommend him for anyone who needs to grow their business online.”

Karel Šoupal, Vice President, Barclays (Czech Republic):

“Charles has provided great value for my project.”

Adrian Ludwig, Senior Vice President at Crest Capital

“Charles helped me in a great way. Not only did he execute our job quickly and efficiently, he surpassed our initial expectations. He’s the kind of professional I would recommend to anyone, without hesitation.”

Enryk O’ Callaghan, Senior Vice President at Crest Capital

“Charles displayed professionalism both in his ability to discuss our needs and the ability to provide us with a deliverable that surpassed our expectations!”

John Culbertson, Commercial Real Estate Author

“I had Chuck work with me to create a direct sales letter for my book. He did what he promised and delivered on time. I felt that he delivered more than I had anticipated. His tips were good and responses were timely. It was a great value and I will use him again in the future.”

Thomas Warnick, Principal Mechanical Engineer at L-3 Communications

“Charles did a great job on my resume, helping me pull together my skills and accomplishments in a way that put my best foot forward. I would work with Charles again without reservation.”

Denise Hazime, Controller at gUnify (Acquired by Vonage)

“Great to work with! He’s super motivated and quick to respond. He had the doc written in 1 day, very happy with the results.”

Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy

“Glad we worked together!”

Goldie Li, Society for AIDS Care (Hong Kong)


Keith Zucconi, Unimin Corporation

“Chuck was as easy as it gets to work with all while delivering an excellent product. He was very responsive and thorough in every facet of his service offering. I required an aggressive completion timeline but this was no issue for Chuck as he delivered ahead of schedule. Highly recommend.”

Salman Khalili-Araghi, University of Calgary

“I had an opportunity to work with Charles performing market research. He is a very professional consultant and dedicated to the task to accomplish it perfectly. I’m very happy to have hired him, and strongly recommend him to anyone.”

Lauris Dzilums, Founder & CTO of Datazenit

“Charles Catania is a real professsional – his work is solid and top-notch. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly he could dive into a technical subject and deliver results within a short timeframe. Highly recommended!”

Kirill Bolgarov, CEO of Quick Questions

“Charles writes excellent copy, with an expert approach and in a timely manner. Yes, his services cost a little premium, but every penny is worth it.”

Ewan Carson, Principal Architect & Engineer at SEEED

“Requiring specialised and focused copy writing; Charles’s skill and experience positioned him as the perfect person for the task. Initially presenting a program to undertake the work, matching and aligning seamlessly with ours; it contained cleverly targeted items which would be needed for the final product. Without this forethought at the early stage the outcome would have significantly less than the result which Charles presented or anything we envisaged. I’m impressed by Charles’s communication to keep the program on track and keep the dialog continuing between us; without any hesitation as you’d expect from a great team member. Would I ask Charles in the future for help again; Yes I would.”

David Alevy, MBA, MEng, PMP

“Writing a resume is a daunting task. As if that was not enough, my resume had not had a serious overhaul within the past 8 years. Chuck took the last revision of my resume along with a couple items of significance that I had given him and began to piece together a story. After touching base with me several times over the course of the project to get a better understanding of my work and where I add value, we were left with a product that I considered great! It was clear and concise overall, and it included metrics when needed. I highly recommend Chuck and will definitely use him for future projects.”

Shervin Azodi, CEO of IN1 Case

“These are great!”